Fake Accrediting Agencies

Half of the Ukraine students, about one quarter of the UAE students and only 5% of students in the group from Portugal had taken DE courses (Fig.1). As shown in Fig.2, of the students who have had previous experience in DE, most Ukraine students have taken one or two online courses, most UAE students have taken one course and a few Portuguese students have taken one course. Effective design and use of web-based distance learning environments. LPU has provided a great platform for Distance Education students to study. The interaction with university faculty and officials is outstanding. LPU provides students opportunities to participate in placement, extra-curricular and various other development activities.

Want to see an example of an online tool that checks all the distance learning boxes? As most distance learning systems are made to be fairly flexible in this regard, the course schedule has a lot to do with its content and not the system. Still, it’s an important factor to consider when choosing a course. And educators looking to adopt a remote learning system, it’s important to know what kind of accreditation that system can bestow on your behalf or on the behalf of your institution. For academic degrees or professional qualifications, recognition by outside regulatory bodies will likely be necessary.

In general terms, the private sector has acknowledged the importance of education and hence it actively supports and finances its provision. Kindergarten attendance attracts a fee, while full-time education in schools and tertiary institutions is free. Kindergarten fees depend on the parents' socioeconomic situation (0–80% of full cost). Pupils buy or borrow their textbooks and pay for their meals and transport, but with considerable subsidies from local councils or government. The government provides university students with meals and accommodation at subsidized prices. The Local government allocates education funding from the revenue generated by property tax and other fundraising efforts.

Studying the role of accreditation on the actions of hiring directors, Douglas found that most were unable to distinguish between legitimate universities and diploma mills with legitimate sounding names35. The hiring directors were also unaware of the existence of different types of academic accreditation and of the existence of bogus accreditation mills36. The U.S. Government Accountability Office investigations revealed the relative ease with which a diploma mill can be created and bogus degrees obtained.

The Private Higher Education Institutions act also places restrictions on the creation and operation of any private higher education institution that conducts any course of study or training programme for which a certificate, diploma or degree is awarded. In Malaysia, the Education Act 1996 protects the status of the terms "university", "university college" and "branch campus". Simonson, Diploma mills and distance education, "The Quarterly Review of Distance Education" 2004, no. 5 p. 8. Simonson, Diploma mills and distance education, "The Quarterly Review of Distance Education" 2004, no. 5 , p. 7.


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