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You may use money in the plan to pay educational expenses at any accredited college, public or private, in the United States or abroad. For state-sponsored prepaid plans, tuition credits may be used only at in-state universities or public colleges. For college-sponsored prepaid tuition plans, tuition credits may be used only at the private colleges that participate in the plan.

This puts the instructors behind when trying to publish to get their department recognized. The increased amount of time necessary to adequately prepare for distance learning takes away from the activities they will be evaluated on, such as grant writing and publishing. Many of the instructors concerns are valid and should be addressed by administration as distance learning becomes more common, as is predicted to happen. Distance learning and its relationship to emerging computer technologies have together offered many promises to the field of education. In practice however, the combination often falls short of what it attempts to accomplish.\ Some of the shortcomings are due to problems with the technology; others have more to do with administration, instructional methods, or students. Despite the problems, many users like technologies such as compressed video and see continued growth in the area.

Bates suggests that newer technologies are not inherently better than old ones and many of the lessons learned from the application of older technologies will still apply to any newer technology. Again, the instructor should be trained to take advantage of both their experience and being able to adapt that experience to the new environment of distance learning. The instructors must be trained “ not only to use technology, but also to shift the way in which they organize and deliver material” (Palloff & Pratt, 2000, pg. 3). Today’s distance education students may be able to watch video lectures, chat with teachers and fellow course-mates using forums and instant messaging, and download a wide range of reading materials and other resources.


Due to the coronavirus, distance learning — typically a style of teaching utilized by colleges and universities — is now being adopted by elementary and high school students as well. Entire school districts and campuses are being forced to create online-based learning opportunities and do it effectively. There are certainly those, such as Burkhard, who strongly support those who write about or offer a theory of DE, such as Otto Peters and Borje Holmberg . Although theory are important, they alone will not ’cause’ DE to happen, at least not on their own. Those who write about theory are important in giving ‘respectability’ and validation, but we need the ‘do-ers’ as well.


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